• The library can be used by registered users of The Masaryk Library of Social Sciences in Jinonice (further referred to as Jinonice Library) and holders of a Charles University issued identification card. By entering Jinonice Library users agree to the Rules of Conduct. It is possible to use the library without registration after applying for a temporary 10-day identification card.
  • User is required to present an identification card anytime during the stay in the library when requested by library staff.
  • Users are required to store their outerwear, all luggage, backpacks, briefcases, laptop cases etc. in a locker room located by the entrance to the library, or in the university cloakroom.
  • Locker keys are provided to users with valid identification card.
  • Lockers can only be used during the stay at the library. Users cannot take locker keys out of the library premises for a period of time longer than 1 hour. Users are required to return their locker key at the loans desk before exiting the library. Not returning the key before the closing time of the library is considered to be a serious violation of Library Rules and Regulations, and is penalised according the Price List.
  • It is not recommended to store personal IDs or valuables in the lockers.

Library Operation

  • Users have access to public areas of the library and the reading room. Access to other areas is possible only with permission of library staff and in their accompaniment. Users cannot access the library storeroom.
  • User has a right to one seat for work.
  • Users are required to follow library staff instructions and, if necessary, submit to inspection measures set to maintain order and to protect library property.
  • Users are required to keep silence and order, and behave respectfully to other users, or they may be ordered to leave the library.
  • Users are not allowed to smoke, and consume food or beverages (with the exception of non-alcoholic beverages in sealable bottles) on the premises of the library.
  • Talking on mobile phones in the library is prohibited. Users are required to switch their phones to silent.

Using the Library Collections

  • Users are required to follow Library Rules and Regulations.
  • It is prohibited to carry any document from the library collection out of the area limited by electronic anti-theft system without properly borrowing the document. In the case of suspicion for taking out documents from the library or the reading room (activation of electronic anti-theft system), the user is required to submit to further inspection measures, alternatively to police inquiries.
  • Users are required to use the library collection as defined by the rules and protect it from damage.
  • Users are required to notify staff of publications (that are their own or borrowed from other libraries) brought into the library.
  • Upon leaving the library users leave publications they do not want to borrow at a designated place. Only library staff may put books back on shelves. Documents borrowed from the storeroom are to be returned at the loans desk.

Using computers and reprographic services

  • Users may use their own laptops in the library and connect to the Eduroam Network using Wi-Fi.
  • Users with access to faculty network may work on computers and in the Wi-Fi network only under their own usernames and are liable to potential misuse of user rights by another person. Log off after finishing the computer session.
  • Users can use self-service reprographic machines located in the library to print out and copy printed documents from the library collections. Users can charge their library cards with credit for printing and copying using a self-service machine located in the main building.
  • Users can print from electronic information resources and make copies of print documents from the library collections of Jinonice Library only for their own use and in accordance with Czech copyright law no. 121/2000.
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