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What are the opening hours of the library?
Standard opening hours of the library and the study room are 8:30 AM to 7 PM. From July to September are opening hours limited; see Opening hours.

Who can become a registered user of the library?
Any student or employee of Charles University with a valid university identification card can become a library user. After obtaining External User Identification Card, anyone can become a user of the library.

What do I need to register?
Any Charles University identification card.

Can I register online?
Yes, just use the online registration form here.

Library system tells me “Patron expiration date has been reached”. What should I do?
It is necessary to renew your registration at the end of each calendar year. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or come to the library and we will renew the registration for you.

How can I renew or reserve a book?
You can renew your books or reserve books yourself after logging in to the Library Catalogue (Login CU user). Use your CAS/SIS username and password. For more information see our manuals: How to renew a book and How to reserve a book. Reservations can be made only on books that are currently lent out.

How many books can I borrow and for how long?
At one time you can borrow 10 books (10 regular loans, 10 short terms loans and 5 books with status "In house loan" at maximum); loan period is usually 30 days, in case of short term loans 7 days, books with status "In house loan" can be borrowed for 1 day. Books with status “regular loan” can be renewed up to 2 times (if they haven’t been reserved by another user).

How do I know what I cannot borrow home?
Books with status  “Strictly pres.”  cannot be lent home and are mostly located in the reading room. Also, all newspapers, journals and theses can only be studied in the library or the reading room.

Why cannot I renew a book?
You cannot renew a book if there is a reservation on it by another user, also if you have the book for more than 2 month (Erasmus students) or 3 months (regular students), if your registration has expired, or if you have a debt in any Charles University library.

Where are books located?
Most books from the library collection are located on open shelves in the library and the reading room. Some books are located in the deposit.

How do I find a book on the open shelves?
Find the book in our catalogue and note its location code (call number), also see column Collection – it tells you in which part of the library the book is. Books on open shelves are categorized by fields of study, each field is divided into subcategories marked by a letter and a number. Books that have a green label on them have the “study loan” status, orange label means “short term loan”.

Where can I find journals?
Older issues of journals are located in the deposit, newer issues on open shelves in the reading room – there you can also find newspapers. Journals in the reading room are sorted alphabetically.

How can I order an item from the library deposit?
Items from the deposit are brought upon request. Just tell the staff what you need (a book location code) and we will bring it to you in 15 minutes.

How can I study theses?
Print versions of theses of fields studied in Jinonice are located in the deposit. To study them in the library, ask at the loans desk. Electronic versions of theses defended after 1.1.2006 are available in Charles University Thesis Repository. Electronic versions of theses defended before 2006 are available in Charles University Digital Repository; access only from university IP addresses and after logging in.

Can I make a copy of a thesis?
Yes, you can. When making a copy, users are obliged to follow Law No. 121/2000 Coll. of 7 April 2000 on Copyright, Rights Related to Copyright and on the Amendment of Certain Laws (Copyright Act).

How can I print or copy in the library?
In the library and the reading room you will find self-service copy machines MyQ. To print or copy you need a CU Identification Card with topped up credit. There is also a black and white printer in the library and b&w copy machine in the reading room – paid in cash, 2CZK/A4-page.

Can I print from a USB flash drive?
You can try, but we cannot guarantee it's gonna work. 

How do I find out how much credit I have?
Log in to using your CAS/SIS username and password. You will also find all your printing tasks there.

Can I print or copy outside Jinonice campus with my credit?
Only in Jinonice and on machines located in the main building of Faculty of Arts (nam. Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1)

Our teacher left us some materials in the library, where can I find those?
Folders with study materials are in the reading room – ask the staff.

What electronic resources are available at Charles University?
List of available electronic resources can be found in CU Portal of Electronic Resources. We subscribe to various databases of scholarly journals and electronic books.

What should I do if I cannot find an article in any database?
If an article isn’t available in any electronic database or in print in libraries of the CU, you can obtain it using Interlibrary Loan Service (for free). It it isn’t available in any library in the Czech Republic, it is possible to obtain it from abroad (in that case the costs are, however, around 100-200 CZK per article). More on Interlibrary Loan Service here.

What should I do to access electronic resources from home?
To access our electronic resources remotely, you need a valid CU Identification Card and an active password for Central Authentication Service. You will get a temporary password with your identification card, its validity is only 5 days - renew this password as soon as possible in Charles University Central Authentication Service. Then use links “Remote access” or “Institutional login (Shibboleth)” at each e-resource in the Portal of Electronic Resources.

I am not a student or employee of Charles University, can I use electronic resources?
There are just several databases available for registered external users, including members of the CU Alumni Club - the list can be found here.

How do I find out which database contains the journal I need?
Most journals can be found using Portal of e-journals.

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