Loan services

  • we lend books, periodicals, daily newspapers, CDs and DVDs and qualification theses
  • documents can either be studied in the reading room (in house loans) or lent out of the library (regular loans)
  • it is necessary to become a registered user of the Jinoce Library to borrow documents


Where to look for documents

  • library collections are located on open shelves in the library and the reading room and in the library deposit
  • in the reading room you can find books for in-house studying, current issues of magazines and at the loans desk there are also files with study materials from teachers and CDs/DVDs
  • older issues of magazines, qualification theses and some books are located in the library deposit
  • documents from the deposit must be requested at the loans desk; they will be brought to you in 15 minutes

What you can borrow home

  • only books can be borrowed home, either for 30 days (regular loan), for 7 days (short term loan) and 1 day (in house loan)
  • orange stripe label means a book has a short term loan status
  • books with status “strictly pres.” cannot be borrowed home
  • periodicals, newspapers, standards and qualification theses CANNOT BE LENT
  • What you can borrow and for how long depends on your user category and status of the document

User categories

Student – includes students and external PhD students (Faculties of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)
PhD student – includes internal PhD students and grant researches or co-researchers (Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts – Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Department of Political Science and Department of Social Work)
Member of staff - includes employees (Faculties of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Environment Center)
Charles University user - students, PhD students and staff from other CU institutions
Member of public (expert) – students of preliminary or paid studies (Faculties of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)
Intern – participant of courses by Faculties of Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences or Environment Center
Member of public (general)
ILL borrower – libraries participating in interlibrary loans 


Borrowing rights

  regular  short term in house strictly pres.
PhD student      
member of staff        
CU user      
member of public (expert)        
member of public (general)        
ILL borrower        


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